The Story Behind Influence. 

Welcome to Influence Media! We are a production company nestled in the small town of Bremerton, just an hour and a half southwest of Seattle. We specialize in bringing your video ideas to life through our meticulous and creative processes. We create content for TV commercials, music videos, weddings, cinematic car videos and so much more! 




 When the owner and founder Skyler Mullins created this company, he set out with one goal, Influence the people. When people watched the videos produced by Influence Media, he wanted people to feel inspired, to be influenced to go out into the world, and create what that video inspired them to create! We don't strive to create "ok" videos, because those don't inspire you. We aim to create videos that give you goosebumps, make all the hair on your neck stand up!  So when you see our videos, be inspired.



“Whoever controls the media, controls the mind” 
― Jim Morrison